Restructuring & Insolvency

A business may encounter financial difficulties for a multitude of reasons; apart from obvious financial and economic causes, the existing legal structures regularly play a major part when a company is in trouble. We apply an integrated approach to complex restructuring and insolvency challenges. In working out a recovery plan, we comprehensively assess the possibilities under commercial, corporate, labor, and insolvency law. When considering what economic changes are necessary, we have the experience and recognized know-how of our corporate partner, KPMG Restructuring.

Even if liquidation or insolvency proceedings have already commenced, we have the expertise needed to identify the best legal options and help the client make the most of the opportunities for turning the company around. Our attorneys have many years of experience not just in advising distressed companies, but also in helping private and institutional creditors protect and enforce their rights against insolvent debtors, such as by obtaining and enforcing security interests in suitable collaterals.


In and Out of Court Assistance

  • Insolvency analysis and liquidity planning
  • Preparation, review, and monitoring of recovery plans, including measures to strengthen capital structure
  • Insolvency law ramifications of business transactions

Debtor assistance

  • Board member liability limitation
  • Advising and representing debtors in insolvency 
  • Debt restructuring
  • Performing and non-performing loans

Creditor Rights

  • Defending against insolvency petitions 
  • Representing creditors in creditor committees
  • M&As in insolvency 
  • Business transfers
  • Portofolio transfers
  • Contracts