Public Sector & Infrastructure

The public sector is undergoing a phase of fundamental transformation. This process affects not only governmental institutions and their operations but also their dealings with private-sector partners.

We are actively involved in this process. Our lawyers are qualified to provide counsel in connection with the analysis of business processes, realignment and restructuring of operations, legislation governing procurement and subsidies, privatization, public–private partnerships (PPPs), cooperative ventures and public corporate governance.

Our in-depth experience and thorough understanding of both local and EU legislation enable us to offer legal assistance that will not only meet the specific needs of the contracting authorities but will also give proper consideration to the requirements of the bidders participating in awarding procedures and public procurement or public-private partnerships.

Our lawyers have the necessary experience and know-how to help and guide you through the maze of public procurement, concessions and public-private partnership regulations. Whether you are a bidder or a public institution seeking to attain your business objectives, we can help you to implement not only the relevant Romanian legislation but also to comply with the requirements of EU public procurement regulations and principles.

The broad scope of our legal advisory knowledge and wide-ranging experience in conjunction with our understanding of the public sector, as well as our industry know-how, enables our highly qualified specialists to provide you with efficient and competent advisory service.

Public Procurement and Concessions

  • Structuring public procurement and concession projects
  • Tender documentations
  • Tender evaluation assistance
  • Public procurement law scrutiny
  • Public procurement disputes
  • Tailored training

State Aid

  • State aid law scrutiny of the contractual relationship of municipal entities
  • Private investor tests
  • Review of funding structures of municipal enterprises
  • Drafting state aid applications
  • Regulatory & compliance assistance
  • Assistance with and representation in from of the Competition Council/European Commission

Our clients

  • Local authorities (county councils, municipalities, project implementation units, etc.)
  • Central authorities (ministries, management authorities, etc.)
  • State owned companies
  • Contractors and investors
  • European Commission
  • IFIs

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

  • Assistance in determining project suitability
  • PPP structuring and execution
  • Structuring of procurement processes
  • Coordination with authorities
  • Contract management

Infrastructure and Transport

  • Project management
  • Project financing
  • Legal assistance in public procurement projects
  • Assistance in the preparation of feasibility studies
  • Major Projects Advisory
  • Contracts
  • Representation and negotiation
  • Coordination with and assistance in relation to IFIs