Coming from an unmatched international presence…

We are committed to a great name. KPMG Legal is the international network of law firms affiliated with KPMG worldwide. This is a network of over 1500 lawyers with presence in more than 90 jurisdictions, one of the largest law firm networks in the world, constantly growing in terms of size and reputation. KPMG Legal includes member firms highly reputable in their own markets, all devoted to one great brand. The real differentiator between international legal practices and traditional law firms is the capacity of assimilating, in real time, global trends and practices for own progress and for clients’ benefit. In our case, this adds to the advantage of having the multi-disciplinary background of the KPMG Legal practices. Our cooperation with international law firms that are members of the KPMG Legal network gives us a geographical proximity that is essential for the development of relationships of confidence and trust with clients. This makes us a perfect partner for your projects even if your challenges and operations involve many different countries. You can rely on us - today, tomorrow and in the future!

…Growing through local expertise

A legal network, with the right mix of legal and business talent and an excellent track record. Toncescu și Asociații's symbiotic association with the KPMG network can provide exceptional resources in the form of outstanding legal expertise backed by equally outstanding resources in audit and accounting services, advisory and tax advice. For clients, this means an eye for legal detail coupled with an entrepreneurial ability to see the broader picture. We put together our hard work, our ambitions, our human qualities and our membership of a great international network of law firms with the constant aim of going beyond any local standards of performance. Toncescu și Asociații provides assistance and advice to a wide range of industries and sectors that cuts across the full spectrum of commercial law and serves businesses working and investing in Romania with quality counsel, business acumen and efficient representation. Our clients, whether medium-sized enterprises or major international corporations, run businesses that span virtually the entire spectrum of economic activity. Our pro-active lawyers have distinct but also complementary industry experience, standing by and keeping clients abreast of the latest developments in their area.