Laura Toncescu

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Head of KPMG Legal

Laura Toncescu is the coordinator of the KPMG Legal team and the head of the Banking and Finance practice, with over twenty years of experience in legal services, of which more than half have been mainly dedicated to the financial services (FS) sector. Laura possesses profound knowledge of banking and finance law, Fintech regulatory issues, consumer protection, data protection, corporate, civil and labor law. Laura has been entrusted by top banks, non-banking financial institutions, payment institutions, debt collection companies and listed companies as their key legal advisor. She has also advised FS industry associations in relation to legislation projects.
Laura has been involved in the last ten years in numerous transactions with an aggregate value of over EUR 2 Bil. These include providing buy-side assistance in the Blue Lake project for which KPMG Legal won an award from the leading financial newspaper Ziarul Financiar. She has also advised clients on implementing electronic signatures, identity management schemes and Know Your Customer procedures in online banking.
Laura has led innovative legal projects such as: the first authorization of an investment fund as controlling shareholder in a Romanian bank, the first merger between a bank and a non-banking financial institution, as well as authorization of online lending providers. Laura also assists listed entities on stock option plans and in operations on the stock market. Over the past year she has been involved in several projects for ensuring GDPR compliance.



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