Exciting work? Yes. An opportunity to grow? Definitely. A good work/life balance? Absolutely. We encourage you to think about your promising career. Your future. And your life.

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TMO is part of the KPMG Legal network. It is a highly respected provider of legal services to a wide range of international corporations, foreign and local investors, as well as public authorities. In a world where integration and globalization – of products, services and technologies of all kinds – continue to rapidly transform businesses worldwide, many people see lawyers as fiercely independent mavericks, operating exclusively within their own tight fields of expertise. Our team represents the new breed of business advisors who have emerged from local tradition and combined it with international standards and knowledge. Our legal professionals form part of the next generation of business lawyers who live and work in today’s changing world, promoting a radical innovative approach to legal services tailored to business challenges.

We talk legal and walk business

We view our legal services as part of a range of integrated business services which have been developed with one simple vision – to deliver clear commercial advantage to our clients. Where our clients so desire, we operate on a multi – disciplinary basis and put together sharp teams which are not based on the arbitrary dictates of traditional practice areas, but focused on the client’s current needs and long – term goals, as understanding industry specifics in the key to the way we help our clients succeed. We assist our clients by engineering intelligent, cost – efficient and practical solutions that are geared to sustainable business interests and explore any potential for leverage within risk – secured legal technicalities. We feel the country’s economic pulse and understand the challenges faced by anyone working in today’s dynamic global business environment. At the same time, our connection with KPMG Legal makes us part of one of the world’s most extensive legal services network – we provide coordinated professional services, relying on the added value of KPMG advisory resources specialized in performance & technology, risk & compliance, tax, and transactions & restructuring.

The challenge of being a TMO business lawyer

So what exactly are we looking for when recruiting new bright people? Naturally, we want you to have drive, skills and capabilities. As a new team member of TMO, you will start your business and professional learning the moment you walk through our door. Perhaps the description “open professional mind” best sums up the excellent qualities we expect you to have – plenty of aptitude, as well as a desire to achieve more. Our people are passionate about client service and proactive by nature. And, of course, we welcome people from a diverse range of backgrounds, able to work in a fast moving international environment. If this is your passion, then you can build an exciting career with TMO. We are constantly striving for quality and a higher purpose, so you are welcome to help us make the difference.

Feel free to send your CV in English at office@kpmglegal.ro.

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